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Do I need to charge my Hub before connecting it for the first time?

Yes. Due to Air safety regulations, we are shipping the hubs that are fully discharged. You have to charge the B.One Hub for at least two hours before first time usage. Failing to do so will result in non functionality of some of the features - IR remotes may not work, Z-wave devices may not get paired etc.

Once B.One is charged for over 2 hours, restart the Hub using the below process and you should be able to use all the features after restart.

Steps to Restart the Hub.

Ensure your Hub is already powered for more than 2 hours and continue with the below steps:

Step 1: Open the SIM card slot present at the back of the B.One Hub (using screw driver provided in the Hub package).
Step 2: ‘TURN OFF’ wait for a second and ‘TURN ON’ the Switch present inside the SIM card compartment. Kindly ensure that the Power adapter is unplugged from the Hub while performing Restart.

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