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What functions can I perform under My security section?

In My Security section the following functions are available: Arm, Disarm, In-House and Vacation.

Arm: This mode activates security devices connected to your B.One Hub. As the name suggests, this mode is used to arm your home, so that all your security devices are active and monitor your home.

Tap on ‘Arm’ icon to enable it. Tap on the settings button present on the icon, to set the customized time delays for the mode activation.

Disarm: This mode is used to deactivate the security devices that have been enabled by Arm/In-house modes.

In-House: In this mode, you can choose not to activate all security devices and enable only those that should continue to monitor while you are at home.

Tap on ‘In House’ icon to enable the mode. Tap on Settings present on the mode icon, to select/edit the security devices.

Vacation: In this mode, you can activate/deactivate an action (It is similar to quick action). This mode can be used while you are travelling or on vacation.

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